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I’m not actually a big fan of the “new year, new me” idea, to be honest. It is a new year, but mostly it’s the same old me šŸ™‚ However, I alsoĀ have an disproportionateĀ love of list making and so making a goalsĀ list for 2017 will hopefully be a helpful way of keeping myself accountable!

So here are some jumbled thoughts about things I would like to be achieving in this new year: :

  1. Look for more ways to reduce our household waste.
    Currently we live a fairly low-waste lifestyle, which I love! We compost and recycle, as well as buying as much as we can package free. But some things are just more inconvenient, and I’m sure if I stopped and had a look I would be able to find some more ways to cut-back. If anyone has any good book suggestions, let me know!

  2. Learn to bake bread.
    I have never baked full-on sourdough bread before and I would love to try. Seems crazy to me that this was once a daily part of peoples lives. I think I am attracted to the slowness of this and the fact that it will take time and effort to produce our “daily bread.” I love these little reminders of the necessity of food, and how incredibly blessed we are that it is so abundantly available to us…

  3. Ā Learn to sew.
    This goal has actually been going O.K. so far! My mum gave me her old sewing machine for my birthday last year, and I would love to be able to sew or tailor things. Because I buy most of my clothing second-hand, it would be really good to be able to buy things and then up-cycle them. So far I have made a bunch of new pillow cases (because my husband doesn’t really want me to buy anymore (I might have a slight pillow problem…)) – and you know what they say: A change is as good as a holiday!

  4. Meal planning
    This is an idea that I have been rebelling against for our past two years of marriage. I prefer to make things up with whatever I have on hand in the fridge, and I’m not very good at sticking to recipes. A mini-goal of mine has been to eat more seasonally, and to cut down on our weekly grocery cost…which means being more prepared. This year is also about to get crazy busy for me..so I might try my hand at meal-prepping. Watch this space! Planning like this does not come naturally to me, so I’ll let you know how I get on šŸ™‚

  5. Pray in the gaps.
    I recently read this terrific article which talked about the way our phones are stealing those little gaps of time, the in-betweens, which had previously been empty. (Read it here: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/thirty-seconds-alone-with-god) I felt really sad thinking about how much I let my phone invade my brain space, and especially how little I pray in comparison. So, enter this resolution! The hope is that my default will become praying in those gaps, rather than turning straight to my phone.

  6. Go outside more.
    I posted on Insta about how I am like an indoor house cat. I could easily spend my life indoors, pottering around (or sucked into the vortex of the internet šŸ˜¦ ). So, as ridiculous as it feels, I am hoping to force myself to go outside every day. Currently we are living in Bondi, Sydney. It is such a beautiful part of the world and I am thankful everyday to be able to live here. I know for sure that our time here is limited, probably to about 2 more years, so I know I will regret not soaking in all of the beauty if I don’t do it!

    Aaand that’s it. I think. Do you have any resolutions? Or tips?

    Let me know šŸ™‚